General Information of Cargo Import / Transit / Export Regulations of Druk Air EXPORT (General):

  • Export goods are routed through the Cargo ware house.
  • All shipments must be properly packed and marked as per the Regulation Requirements.

Documentary Requirements:

  1. Export Licence
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Certificate of Origin
  4. Packing List
  5. Customs Clearance Export Permit, Export bill and list of entry etc.
  6. Unaccompanied baggage: list of contents, Keys to be attached to the AWB

IMPORT (General)
Weight and size limitation:
All packages should be marked clearly with address of both the consignee and the shipper. Total pieces, weight and the Air waybill number. The maximum dimension of the packages that will fit into the aircraft cargo hold is 1.4×2.430×0.650m. Also the weight of each individual package should be less than 80 kg.
Language on documents: English
Documentary Requirements:

  1. Commercial Invoice for Customs purpose
  2. Package list
  3. Certificate of Origin
  4. Insurance Policy
  5. AWB copy

Unaccompanied baggage: Any unaccompanied baggage and cargo transported by air dose not require import licence. However, it should be accompanied by a packing list, invoice and the AWB.
Live Animal and Product:

  • Must be accompanied by a Health Certificate issued by the Veterinary
    Authorities in the Country of departure/origin, stating that there is not sign of infections or communicable disease.
  • Any import of wild life and their products will require prior permission
    From the Ministry of Agriculture.

Plants and plants materials:

  • Plants, fruits, seeds and flowers: Special permission required form the
    Director of Plant Protection from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Arms and Ammunitions:

  • Import permits are required from the Royal Bhutan Army, Headquarters.

Explosive and Explosives devices:

  • Special permission is required from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Humans Remains:

  • Must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate (4copies), stating full
    Particulars of the deceased and certifying cause of death.

Medicines and Vaccines:

  • Permission from the Ministry of Health is required.

Others Requirements:

  • Wireless and remote sensing telecommunication and broadcasting
    Equipments (permission from the Ministry of information and Communications)
  • Gold / Sliver: (Gold exceeding 50g and sliver exceeding 1kg. requires
    Permission from the RMA of Bhutan.
  • Chemicals: (Chemicals of certain nature that are environmentally
    Unfriendly require permission from the NEC
  • Any goods which are restricted by any other Laws in forces.

Trans-shipment /Transit:
All transshipment must be accompanied by an AWB DOCS.

  • Storage is available for normal cargo and unaccompanied baggage at the airport cargo warehouse.
  • No storage facilities are available the shipments that fall under dangerous Goods, Live Animals, Valuable Goods, Perishable Goods etc. such
    shipments should be well informed in advance in order to provide
    immediate delivery.
  • Cargo In- charge or the staff on duty should be informed at least 24 hrs
    Prior to arrival of Goods.

Acceptance only by the concerned consignee or his/ her authorized agent
From the cargo warehouse.
Time Limit:

  • Goods not cleared from the cargo Warehouse within three months from
    Its date of arrival shall be disposed off through public auction.
  • Live animals, Hazardous and Dangerous Goods, Perishable Goods shall
    Be disposed off at any time.

Storage charges:

  • First 15 days from day of arrival – free
  • Thereafter, for next 30 days, per kg, per day – Nu 5/-
  • Thereafter, for next 60 days, per kg, per day – Nu.10/-
  • Thereafter, for next 90 days, per kg, per day – Nu.15/-
  • If goods are not cleared within 90 days from the date of arrival, same
    Will be disposed off through public auction by Bhutan Customs.

Shipper’s Freight Forwarder, Consignee’s and Agent may contact:
Tel # (975) 8 271853
Email: rinzy@drukair.com.bt
Yangchen. Metog@drukair.com.bt