Shortlisted Consultancy Firm

Following are list of shortlisted consultant for Construction Supervision Consultant C1 for G0484- BHU – Air Transport Connectivity Enhancment Project: Additional Financing

Β SL Name of the Consultant (Full Name not Acronym) Country of Incorporation Type of Association

(Lead/JV member or Sub-consultant.)

Type of the legal entity

(Private Firm, State-Owned (SOE) or NGO)

1. APECS Consultancy Bhutan Lead Private
2. Bhutan Professional Services Bhutan Lead Private
3. Gyaltshen Consultancy Bhutan Lead Private
4. Himalaya Engineering & Mgt. Consultancy Bhutan Lead Private
5. Norlha Associates of Bhutan Bhutan Lead Private
6. Progressive Research & Consultancy Service Bhutan Lead Private