About Department

Department of Air Transport (DoAT) is a statutory Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications of Royal Government of Bhutan, constituted by civil aviation act 2016. It came into existence on 24th April 2015 by bifurcating the erstwhile Department of Civil Aviation into 2 separate departments- Department of Air Transport (DoAT) as airport service provider and Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) as aviation regulator. DoAT owns and maintains 4 airports, Paro International Airport and 3 Domestic airports and provides Air Navigation Services at all airports in the country, assigned and as designated by BCAA. Department is committed to in accelerating the integrated development, expansion and modernization of Air Traffic Services, Passenger Terminals, Operational Areas and Cargo Facilities at the airports across the country.

STRUCTURE OF Department:
Department of Air Transport is headed by the Director General and he is supported by Division Chiefs and Airport Managers in the management of airport operation and developmental works. Department of Air Transport comprises of 3 divisions, Administration & Finance Section and SMS unit.
The Director General of DoAT shall directly oversees the Administrative & Finance Division, Safety management System (SMS) unit & Domestic Airport Operations. While three division chiefs are responsible for overseeing 3 respective divisions. The Organisation Chart of DoAT is shown below:

Functional Chart of Department