Some of the milestones the department has achieved over the past years:

  1. On 17 May 1989 Bhutan ratified the Chicago Convention of 1944 and became a Contracting State to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Bhutan has also ratified the Tokyo Convention on 25th January 1989, The Hague Convention on 28th December 1988 and the Montreal Convention on 28th December 1988.
  2. The Civil Aviation Act was first passed in 1990, which was later revised and re-enacted in 2000. The Act provides a legal basis for the development and enforcement of Bhutan Air Navigation Regulations, according to which the state responsibilities are discharged. The Act also provides a legal force to the Chicago Convention and its annexes in Bhutan.
  3. Till date Bilateral Air Services Agreement have been signed with five countries enabling air services to six destinations on the following dates:
    •  4th July 1986,  with People’s Republic of Bangladesh
    •   10th September 1991, with the Republic of India
    •   2nd June 1993 , with the Kingdom of Thailand
    •   7th August 2002 , with the Union of Myanmar
    •   4th February 2004, with the Kingdom of Nepal
  4. Commissioning of the new passenger terminal and ATC tower complex at Paro airport in 1999. The new infrastructure and associated facilities have tremendously enhanced the quality and reliability of services and have helped streamline the security procedures at the airport.
  5. In accordance with the civil aviation act the Bhutan Air Navigation Regulations was published on 1st April 1999.
  6. In the year 2000, the Fire Section of DCA took over the Airport Fire Fighting & Rescue Services from the Indian Air Force Element.
  7. In 2004 the Civil Aviation Master plan was drafted under the Bhutan Civil Aviation Master Plan (CAMP) and Management Training Project .

Bilateral Air Services Agreements

  1. Bangladesh
  2. India
  3. Nepal
  4. Thailand
  5. Myanmar
  6. Singapore
  7. Maldives

(presently enabling air services to Bangkok, Calcutta, Dhaka, Delhi, Gaya, Bagdogra, Kathmandu, Mumbai, & Singapore.  Services to Myanmar temporarily suspended) 

  • 1968-Paro airstrip operational
  • 1981-National airline Druk Air established by Royal Decree
  • 1983-Commercial air transport commenced with two 18-seater Dornier
  • 1986-DCA formerly established
  • 1988-Bhutan: party to Hague Convention
  • 1988-Bhutan: party to Montreal Convention
  • 1989-Bhutan party to Tokyo Convention
  • 1989-Bhutan became a ICAO member State
  • 1990-The Civil Aviation Act, 1990 passed
  • 1992-The Bhutan Air Navigation Regulations (BANR) promulgated – based on ICAO requirements.
  • 1993-Becomes Druk Air Corporation Ltd.
  • 2000-The Civil aviation Act amended
  • 2002-BANR amended (supplement in 1994)
  • 2010-BANR revised
  • 17th Dec 2011–Domestic air service to Bumthang & Yongphula launched
  • 2011-Tashi Air launched (Domestic)
  • 2012-Tashi Air suspended (May)
  • Sept 2012-Gelephu Runway inaugurated
  • 2013-Tashi Air to commence international-Oct 2013 (Ministry’s approval)
  • 2013-Draft Act for Regulation of Civil Aviation underway (ADB)