Domestic Airports

Bumthang Domestic Airport also known as Bathpalathang Domestic Airport is one of the two Domestic Airports in Bhutan. It is situated in Central part of Bhutan in a district or province called Bumthang.

Located just 2 kilometers from Chamkhar Town, Bumthang Domestic Airport offers a scenic arrival experience along the picturesque Chamkhar River. Situated to the north of Chamkhar Town, the airport resides at an elevation of 8,466 feet above sea level, providing passengers with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Its coordinates, precisely at 273343.92N 904449.72E, place it at the heart of Bhutan's stunning landscapes.

Airport Code
For easy identification, Bumthang Domestic Airport has been assigned the IATA airport code BUT and the ICAO code VQBT, making it recognizable to travelers and aviation enthusiasts alike.
Bumthang Airport
Yongphula Domestic Airport, one of Bhutan's two domestic airports, is located in the eastern region of this enchanting Himalayan kingdom, in Tashigang district. With its coordinates situated at 27° 15' 23.29" N 91° 30' 52.76" E, and perched at an elevation of 8,442 feet above sea level, this airport offers a unique gateway to explore the uncharted beauty of eastern Bhutan.

Historic Milestone:On September 4, 2011, a significant moment in Bhutan's aviation history was marked when the test flight successfully landed at Yongphula Domestic Airport during the calibration of the installed navigation and communication equipment. This historic event paved the way for the airport to become fully operational, opening up new possibilities for travelers.

Yongphula Domestic Airport features a single runway designated as 12/30, making it a landing and takeoff point from a singular direction. Despite its single-runway setup, the airport provides essential connectivity to the eastern sector of the country.

Airport Code
For ease of identification, Yongphula Domestic Airport is assigned the IATA airport code YON and the ICAO code VQTY, allowing travelers and aviation enthusiasts to recognize it readily.