Air Side Drivers Training

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AirSide Driver Training was conducted by DoAT (Department of Air Transport)  to all the drivers from different agencies working in the Airport.

some of the points learned were like :

Behind the wheel of a bright new bus or car along at a snail’s pace on top of a pallet loader, it’s the driver who is responsible for negotiating the traffic hazards while keeping to the rules and regulations that apply on the apron. Airside driving of one sort or another is a part of most ground handling tasks.

Any amount of training will hardly prepare the operator for the real world of moving traffic, aircraft noise and radio messages — all focused on their particular part of the jigsaw, all moving at different speeds, different directions and with a largely diverse fleet of equipment. Add to that aircraft movements coming and going at speed or just holding while awaiting clearance (a necessary but frustrating delay for vehicular traffic), getting the job done becomes more difficult and has to be done faster.

Allowing a driver to read or write a text message at the wheel is an issue that all airports should be looking at very seriously in the workplace. It is not unusual now for an operator to be carrying both a work and personal cell phone — twice the communication traffic, twice the distraction.

Personal experience builds up a defense system in the driver’s mind. For example, driving out of an underpass during the day is a transition from darkness into blinding sunlight, creating a moment of vision loss. These safety clues, built up over time, are very valuable and each driver has a mental list they carry with them on the road.