Ensuring Airport Safety: Proactive Hazard Management & Reporting

The Department of Air Transport is dedicated to establishing a proactive process for identifying and managing hazards that pose threats to safety or weaken safety measures within its airports through the effective implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS).

The online hazard/incident reporting system is an optional and confidential platform overseen by the SMS unit, DoAT. The intent of this form is to identify, track and through increased awareness prevent incidents from occurring at the airport(s). No punitive action will be taken against any individual reporting a safety concern, except in cases involving illegal activities, gross negligence, or intentional violation of regulations or protocols. Any personal information requested in this form is strictly voluntary and anonymity will be maintained to promote the reporting of hazards and safety related events. Any personal data (if provided) will not be retained by the department and privacy will be ensured.

To report a hazard or incident, please use the online reporting tool available on the Department’s website under the ‘Online Services’ section or access it directly via the following link: