The Aeronautical Telecommunications and Radio Navigation Aid (Com/Nav) Section is responsible for planning, establishment and maintenance of Aeronautical Radio Navigation and Communication infrastructures in the country. The section is also responsible for ensuring the continuous operational service of the Com/Nav equipments in coordination with Air Traffic Controllers and Aviation Meteorology section. The section currently is being run by 11 technical staffs stationed at various airports and 2 security guards for JJ peak remote station, outsourced to a security company – Bhutan Elite Security Services based at Paro Bondey.

From its inception in 1987 under the department of civil aviation, the section has now developed into a competent technical section and is able to provide reliable Communication and Navigation services.

The following types of communication and radio navigation services are available within the service region:

  1. LF/MF (Low Frequency/Medium Frequency) Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)
  2.  Doppler VHF Omni-directional Radio Range (DVOR)
  3.  Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
  4.  VHF (Very High Frequency) radio communication
  5.  HF (High Frequency) radio communication
  6.  Voice Communication & Control System (VCCS)
  7.  AMSS/AFTN (Automatic Message Switching System/ Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network) messaging system
  8.  Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

These communication and radio navigation aid equipment are positioned at very strategic location for optimum availability. The services are provided in accordance with the provision contained in the ICAO Annex 10 – Aeronautical Telecommunications SARPs.

The section is at present seriously considering the feasibilities of setting up Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) for surveillance system along with other developmental activities to enhance & promote the safety of the aviation.