A Notice for Bhutanese Passengers from Bureau of Immigration, India


Bhutanese Passengers

The following documents are required for clearance of Bhutanese citizens traveling by air to India:

    • A citizen of Bhutan entering India by Land or Air does not require passport or VISA for entry into India.
    • A citizen of Bhutan while travelling by Air between Bhutan and India however requires to be in possession of any of the following identity documents to establish his her identity as a Bhutanese citizen:
      1. Bhutanese Passport
      2. Bhutanese Citizenship Certificate
      3. Voter Identification Card issued by the Election Commission of Bhutan
      4. Limited Validity photo-identity certificate issued by Royal Bhutanese Mission in India when deemed necessary
      5. For Children between the age of 10-18, Photo ID issued by the Principal of the School, if accompanied by parents having valid documents. No such document is required for children below the age of 10 Years.