Authorized Clearing Agent

Bhutan Air Services is a private organization responsible for assisting and co-coordinating in clearing all the private Aircraft’s and Helicopters flying in and out of Bhutan.

All the private  Aircraft’s and Helicopter visiting Bhutan should contact Bhutan Air Services for the following services:

  1. Forward any enquirers on clearance of Pvt. Aircraft’s and Helicopter visiting Bhutan.
  2. Obtaining Landing clearance from BCAA
  3. Arrangement of Ground handling services
  4. Arrangement of Navigator / Guide Pilot to fly the aircraft into Paro Intl. Airport
  5. Arrangement of Aircraft Re-fueling.
  6. Processing of crew visa clearance
  7. Co-ordination at the airport.
  8. Arrangement of CIP lounge for passenger.
  9. Arrangement of crew hotel / Transport / catering.
  10. Aircraft and Helicopter charter service to Bhutan
  11. Obtain permission from RBA for chartered Helicopter to fly to other parts of the country.
  12. Arrangement of Medical Evacuation of casualties by helicopter.

For details Contact:

  • Manager
  • Bhutan Air services, Branch Office
  • Paro Int. Airport
  • Tel # (975) 8 272063
  • Fax # (975) 8 272053
  • email: