NIT for Clearing Agent at Cargo

The Department of Air Transport is pleased to invite bids from eligible bidders for the space for a cargo clearing agent at the Paro International Airport as details are mentioned below.

  1. Interested bidders should submit valid trade licenses.
  2. Bidders should submit the registration certificate to act as a clearing agents issued by the Department of Revenue and Customs.
  3. The DoAT shall provide the space.
  4. The lease period for the operation of the cargo-clearing agent will be two years in line with the Tenancy Act of Bhutan.
  5. The successful bidder should operate the cargo-clearing agent in line with the terms and conditions laid down by the DRC.
  6. A separate lease agreement shall be executed between the selected bidder and DoAT with detailed terms and conditions.
  7. The interested bidder should quote for monthly the rental charges for the space
  8. The space will be awarded to the highest bidder.
  9. Bidder should submit the quotation before 14 Dec 2022 16:00 PM

For more details please contact following official during office hours.

  1. Namgayh Dema, Procurement officer: 17509616
  2. Nado Rinchen, Sr. Admin. Officer: 17622673